Rio Vista Delta Breeze accepts cash, check or prepaid fares.  All Rio Vista Delta Breeze Bus Passes (10-ride, Senior Passes, InterCity Passes, and local passes) may be purchased at:  One Main Street, Rio Vista, CA  94571 or through the mail by submitting a check or money order payable to Rio Vista City Hall Finance Department.  You can also purchase  the Rio Vista Delta Breeze Senior/Disabled/Medicare Monthly Passes only (purple) at Delta Pharmacy, located at 401 Main Street, Rio Vista.

Bus Operators do not make change, so please have exact fare. Fares paid are for a one-way trip only – no round trip fares are allowed.

  • Up to two children under 5 ride free with a fare-paying passenger age 16 years old or older. Personal care attendants (PCA) may ride free with a passenger who has a disability as defined in the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Bay Area Regional Transit Connection Discount Cards (RTC) and Medicare Cards with photo ID are accepted for senior and persons with disabilities fares.  For more information to obtain an RTC card, visit: http://transit.511.org/disabled.  RTC cards can also be obtained at SolTrans, in Vallejo or Tri Delta Transit in Antioch and at BART in Oakland.

General Fare Chart

Fee Category             General                               Discount Fare                                                            

                        Delta Breeze Fares within Rio Vista and Isleton*

One Way Fare              $ 2.00                                      $ .75   

10-Ride City Pass        $20.00                                     $ 7.50

Delta Breeze Fares to/within Fairfield, Suisun City, Antioch,
                        Pittsburg, Lodi and Vacaville**

One Way Fare                $ 6.00                                   $ 3.00

10-Ride InterCity           $60.00                                  $30.00

Monthly InterCity          $90.00                                 $45.00**

Intercity Routes
50, 52 & 54                   $ 1.00                                     $ 1.00                              $ 3.00 General

Deviations                                                                                                          $ 1.50 Senior
                                                                                                                                & Disabled

to other transit
systems                         FREE                                    FREE  

General Fare:
Ages 5-54 years old

Discount Fare
Age 55 years and older, Persons with Disabilities, ADA eligible passengers and Medicare Card Holders

*This fare is valid for one pick-up on Route 51.  Each pick up requires full fare to be paid.  This fare is also valid for service to resort communities along State Route 160 between Isleton and State Route 12

** This fare is valid to Antioch, Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station, Lodi, Vacaville, Suisun City or Fairfield


Transfers between Rio Vista Delta Breeze routes are free and valid for one-way travel and must be redeemed on the next available bus.

Rio Vista Delta Breeze accepts transfers from Tri Delta Transit, The County Connection, SCT/LINK, Fairfield And Suisun Transit (FAST), SolTrans, Amtrak California and Capitol Corridor. Rio Vista Delta Breeze also accepts BART Plus passes for local fare credit. The above mentioned agencies also accept Rio Vista Delta Breeze transfers at shared bus stop locations in their respective service area for local fare credit.