Public Hearings & Announcements


Dredging to Begin On the River Ross Island Sand & Gravel will be dredging in the vicinity of Rio Vista again this year with the schedule listed below. However, these dates may vary depending on dredging progress. The bridge will have an increase of closures due to tug boats and barges being moved about.

8/1/17 through 8/5/17 – Downstream of Decker Island
8/6/17 – 8/14/17 – Prospect Island / Mouth of the Sacramento Ship Channel
8/15/17 – 8/30/17 – Rio Vista Bridge 9/1/17 – 9/10/17 – Across from Three Mile Slough / Brannon Island State Rec Area

If you use the river during this time there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Please obey the 5 mph controlled speed zone as marked by the yellow sign barges & the directional "PASS" arrows located on the stern of the dredge.
  • Be aware of any partially submerged or floating black pipe and yellow anchor buoys.
  • Follow any instructions given by the dredge crew. They know the safest route through the dredge area.

The dredge monitors VHF channels 79, 13, & 14.



The City of Rio Vista is beginning a sewer and water pipeline replacement project that will occur in several areas as depicted on the map below.  On June 5, 2017, the Contractor, Team Ghilotti, Inc., will begin exploratory digging and utility locating in these areas.  This will be followed by the beginning of the water line construction on Drouin Drive and then in the Downtown areas on and around 4th Street.  Traffic controls will be in place and residents are advised to travel slowly and carefully in the construction area.  Temporary road closures will be needed.   Access to residences will be allowed at all times.   Any non-emergency water service interruption will be notified to the affected resident 48 hours in advance.  Some of the sewer repairs will require access to residents’ back yards.   Affected property owners will be notified separately by City Public Works Staff.

Click Here for the Full Report and Map